Past Performance Instructions


Caymanas Park past performances.

Early past performances are ready approximately 6 hours after the early program is posted. eg. Early P/P is posted about midnight on Wednesday for Saturday racemeet. Please note that the early P/P is subject to change as far as race order and assigned nos. are concerned. Final P/P are loaded by 2:00pm on scratch day.

The HTML format allows you to read the pp's online. You may select a particular race# by clicking on the race nos. listed at the top of each race. You may locate a horse by clicking on the name in the index.

PDF files require Acrobat Reader 3.0 to be installed on your system. These are available free and can be downloaded by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon on the Past Performance page. These files are formatted for letter size. Click on requested date to download. To view or print, follow these steps :

1. Create a folder to keep downloaded files. Click on the requested date in the PDF line to download. Save the file to disk by responding to the prompts that follow.

2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the downloaded file. Double click on the downloaded file and a PDF file will be created with the same name. Double click the PDF file. This will invoke your PDF reader. The files are named in the format pf970503.pdf which means final pp for May 3, 1997. PDF formatted files require a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader. You may download this free program from the PP main page.

3.To print, click on print icon or select File then select print from the pull down menu.

For full explanation of the past performance format and codes, click here.

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